Tuesday, July 14, 2009

why i love what i do

initial email:

Hello all,
sorry for the tardy mail out.
Tomorrow we're going to be doing Rousseau's Social Contract.
Please get one of the many Penguin classic copies that's available in the Baillieu. Not sure which section we'll do, I'll do a bit of research between now and tomorrow.
NB, if anyone's read Montesquieu and knows which bit of the mammoth, mammoth Spirit of the Laws we should do for next week, I'd be grateful.
see some of you tomorrow, AO, 1700/1730, BYO milk of human kindness
PS Did you see/hear about Lockes' ghostly mansion?
Article not nearly as cool as the headline I saw on the street outside the milk bar: Toorak's Ghostly Mansions

to whit, i respond (a mercenary contribution):

Hi All,
Anyone want to buy a spare copy of Hobbes' Leviathan off me?
$20 ono.

responses to my email:

Very Lockean and enterprising of you!
Morrisey and his band of brigands say otherwise:


In the words of a friend's former tutor/lover:
"Next week we will be looking at the ideas of operaismo and autonomia. Your homework for this week is to fucking steal something and bring it to next week's tute."

and my retort:

a story in my defense:

once, when i was five, my family went to an English stately home
for some reason i became strangely fixated on a commemorative pen
my mother dismissed this as a ludicrous gift
i stole it.
then, upon returning home, stricken by guilt, i buried it in the backyard
i've never stolen anything since. ever.

the book was a purchase to replace the one i lent to a friend, and despaired of ever seeing again.
it came back to me.
i have an extra copy, that someone might like to own.

1 comment:

Natasha said...

I once stole some life-savers from the Sev on the corner of Canterbury Rd and Heathmont Rd. I was with Jenny Angelo. We'd smoked a cigarette beforehand (PJs - we were young and foolish).

The life-savers lived in the bottom of my schoolbag for a week, and filled me with dread and guilt until I finally went back to the Sev and returned them with greater stealth and fear than I had stolen them with.

Is having a conscience cool yet? I think so...