Monday, August 10, 2009

grant applicants anonymous

in the past two weeks, i've put in a total of 10 grant, bursary and fellowship applications,
written hours worth of emailing pleading for references and signatures on documents,
written up my research proposal and the reasons for my travel in 7 different ways,
and run to office after office, picking up documents, explaining my project, and generally grovelling.

throughout this, one thing has encouraged sanity.


Leanne said...

Arghh I had no idea they made a series out of this! I loved the Worst Witch as a child. I find their trad broomsticks far more appealing than those hotted-up technomological Harry Potter ones.

googligug said...

i would insist that Harry Potter is in fact based on the Worst Witch
with just a touch of your classic battle-between-good-and-evil thrown in for good measure
how much does Miss Hardbroom foreshadow Snape!?