Wednesday, September 16, 2009

life / modeling and lusty theory

last night, as i lay on a floor just as still as i could be, for a life drawing class
i used that 20 minutes for a sneaky read of one of my favourite theorists - 'woman reading' was the pose (well, okay, knowing my aesthetic, it was probably closer to '1940s vamp reading, with knife-in-stocking detail')
there was a moment in the reading when i came to a passage that made me want to suddenly interrupt the life drawing process, and read it out loud
not for the benefit of others, but simply to hear the words sound out
to roll off the tongue, and echo across the space
these were they:

"Lust is the dissolute ecstasy by which the body's glands, entrails, and sluices ossify and fossilize, by which its ligneous, ferric and coral state gelatinizes, curdles, dissolves, and vaporizes."
- Alphonso Lingis, Abuses

they asked me back.

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